Ang Kia Yee | Producer, Lead Artist/Performer, Writer 

Kia Yee is a writer and performance-maker whose practice spans text, objects, and performance. She is half of performance unit Chen Rui Fan, a member of independent collective Why Not?, and copy editor of online publication so-far. She was the co-founder of now-defunct experimental theatre group make/space. Her writing can be found in Quarterly Literary Review SingaporeCha: An Asian Literary JournalStand MagazinePlural Art Magso-far, and a number of anthologies. Her performances include moooooooooooooooooood (Coda Culture, 2020), Saint Somebody (Camden People’s Theatre, 2019), and sentry (COW Birmingham, 2018).

Hanae Gomez | Art & Marketing Director

Hanae works mainly with collage, moving image and illustration, and anywhere these three intersect. Largely self-taught, artmaking to her is a means to a more necessary end–to pierce through a dull, cerebral world with dauntless humour, unselfconsciousness and unfounded optimism. She is part of artist duo Math Class Club alongside Megan Lim. She directed their videos including From Nani’s House (2018), and Dork Disco (2020). The duo has also exhibited an installation at Kult Gallery (2018). Alongside her commercial work, Hanae’s work is occasionally sprinkled into the mix at exhibitions, like Why Not? (2018) at NTU’s Art, Design and Media School, and Photography & Dining (2019) at Telok Ayer Arts Club.

Louise Marie Lee | Production & Art Designer

Louise Marie Lee is an artist working mainly in performance. Their body of work embraces explosive spontaneity, anti-vanity and straddling artistic mediums.

While studying Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Louise designed and performed in Lemons, after Lee Wen’s Yellow Man. They were also commissioned by the Festival of Audacity in Birmingham, UK to conceive and perform their collaborative durational moving image piece, sentry.

Since 2019, Louise has been working on projects that involve art in refugee communities and that enable mistake-making (separately). They are half of performance unit Chen Rui Fan.

Tan Xing Zhi | Production Assistant

Tan Xing Zhi is a nature lover with a keen interest in animal welfare and environmental issues. She is currently figuring out what to do with life, after graduating from the National University of Singapore in 2019 with a degree in Life Sciences. 

Having been involved in performing arts from a young age, she developed a love for theatre, and continued to take part in school productions. However, she lost touch with the performing arts scene during her university years. She is looking forward to rekindling her fondness for being part of a theatre crew. 

In her spare time, she likes playing tabletop games, drawing frogs and annoying her dog.

Philip Ho | Director of Photography

Philip Ho is an artist who works in a variety of media. By taking daily life as subject matter and musing over everyday objects, Ho tries to accept unlearning and non-mastery.

His work focuses on the relationship between the body and its environment which is used to hold mindfulness, and embodiment. In particular, he is fascinated with how the laws of nature manifest in everyday life —regarding those playful moments as points of direction on present-mindedness and non-thinking.

Jenson Gabriel Tan | Administration & Communications

Jenson is a creative who does many things. From writing, designing, to organising, Jenson keeps himself busy in order to keep himself sane. Previously an assistant producer (gallery) at Kult Studio & Gallery, he has worked on projects such as A Sign of The Times for Aliwal Urban Arts Fest 2019, and MAD FOR SAM 2019 at Singapore. His written work has been published on Plural Art Mag and sand magazine.